Saturday, 31 May 2014

Beauty Product Empties #10

Morning all,

I would not have done another product empties post quite so soon, only I have accumulated so many  more used up items that I just want to get rid of them into the trash!

So , here we go with Empties post number 10! 

Yes, Batiste Dry Shampoo ( in Tropical scent)  & Dove Deodorant (this time in grapefruit & lemongrass ) once again . As always a huge thumbs up from me. Buy at Boots, Superdrug etc...!
VO5 Extra Hold Weather Resistant Hairspray - to me as long as a product is doing its job then I will buy whichever. Hairspray , as long as it does not leave my hair sticky or crispy is fine by me. This did a good job. I would buy again happily. Am I right in thinking they have changed the packaging as I can only find a link for you to a pink can?
Nivea Hand Nourishing hand Cream - One thing I do suffer from is dry hands from time to time. This does a great job at helping. I have gone through so many of these tubes. I cannot buy it right now as I have so many other hand creams to use up. I definitely recommend giving it a go though if you suffer from dry hands too. Pleasant smell & sinks in very well.
No 7 Bath Soak - This is for sure on my re-purchase list. It was heaven using this in my bath. Such soft bubbles & left my skin feeling so amazing. The scent is subtle & so relaxing.
Clarins Relax Bath Concentrate - For use in the bath or shower. I hated the smell of this. I got it in a bonus gift bag otherwise I would not have bought it as essential oils are really not my thing. It did leave me feeling nice & soft though so just because it is not my cup of tea does not mean you would not like it.
This Works Perfect Heels Rescue Balm - To be honest, it was OK it did its job but I don't think it did it any better than products I have used with a price tag much lower. Would not buy this again right now.
Baylis & Harding Lavender & Cassis Foot Balm - I got this in a gift set at Xmas  & cannot find it for sale individually. Did find a gift set though on eBay ( not the one I got but at least it contains the foot lotion.) Anyway, I thought it was rubbish. Did nothing for my heels at all.

Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean 4 in 1 Cleansing Milk - they seemed to have changed it from 4 to 3 in 1 now. I did have this quite a while. It is used up, doesn't look it because those are the bits I can't get out! I adored the smell of this. I don't think it worked as well some of the cleansing washes I have used but I would use it again ( & do have a 3 in 1 I got for Xmas already.)
No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Night Cream - this was nice. I got this in a huge set at Xmas ( I am still using up the day cream that came with it.) I would maybe re-purchase , or look in to trying other night creams from No7 as they seem to do a few.
Attitude Make Up Fixing Spray - This I love but struggle to find it in stock ANYWHERE. I can get through eBay but I bought mine for less in Savers. Right now I am using others so don't actually need to be in a rush to buy it but may have to fork it out if I really want it. One of the next fixing sprays in my opinion. My make-up lasted for ages.
Clinique Liquid facial Soap Oily Skin Formula ( 3 or 4) - Not for me this one. I used it because I got it as a free gift & used it up. Nothing wrong with it, just not for my skin type.
Deep Sea Spa Magik Cleansing Facial Wash - a product from a beauty box. I quite liked this. Fresh smelling & I quite liked what it did to my skin. I doubt I would buy it in full size though as I don't think it was that good.

Now we finish with 3 products that are not empty but will be heading bin wards!
Bath & Bodyworks Hand Gel in Tuscan Vineyard- Like the other hand gel I had from them the smell is just way too overpowering! I was having to wash my hands when possible to rid myself of it. I will not be buying anymore of these. Thumbs down!
Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in Nude - There is nothing wrong with the product overall itself. I have just had it so long that it is starting to smell. Not near my face thank you! I won't buy it again. Purely because I have other foundations already & have found better ones since I 1st got this.
Maybelline Superstay 24 lipstick in Forever Heather - There is not actually a great deal of product in this. You can tell by the other end being missing that I have used loads of it. It is just what is left is a bit on the dry side. Pretty colour though so will always repurchase this as it stays for hours!!

What products have you used up recently? Post links to blog posts / YT videos of  your empties as I love to see them.

Thanks for reading

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Cbeebiesland - My Review

If you have children of a certain age you probably won't have failed to see that Alton Towers have now opened Cbeebiesland within their resort. It opened on the 24th May 2014 & we were lucky to plan our family weekend away to go on the 2nd day of opening.

I thought I would do a review of out visit.

There was so much for our son to do. It was busy day , of course. 2nd day of opening over a bank holiday so this was expected. This meant though that actually we did not go on every ride  & this gives us an excuse to go back ;-).

Photo courtesy of Alton Towers 

Photo courtesy of Alton Towers

Photo courtesy of Alton Towers

Photo courtesy of Alton Towers
Honestly I was almost as excited as my 3 year year old about this trip. Actually , I think it was because of him I was so excited! We started by queuing for the Tree Top Adventure ride. It was quite a wait , however there were little signs on the walls with the bugs on & words like "jump" "stretch" & "run" on them & this did so much to keep Finley entertained. The ride itself took you over the whole of Cbeebiesland so Finley was enthralled seeing all his favourite characters including Mike The Knight & Evie performing their show in the arena. 

Our journey then took us to Justin's Pie o'Matic , Postman Pat's Parcel Post , Numtums Number Go Round as well as In the Night Garden Boat Ride ( I LOVED THIS! ) The Something Special Sensory Garden followed by another go at Justin's House , the Tree Top Ride & Numtums. Oh & also the Meet & Greet with Upsy Daisy at the arena.
We will have to return to do everything else as we really did spend all day there!

The thing I loved was that whilst waiting for rides there was lots going on to try to keep the kids entertained. Postman Pat drove past the ITNG ride with Jess. The Mr Blooms Veggies were doing circuits in their prams. You had bubble blowing, stilt walkers AND we were also lucky to watch the Zingzillas drive past on their way to the arena ( seriously I tried very hard not to scream with excitement!)

Rob, my husband , who took Finley into the Pie O'Matic said the only bad thing he had to say was that Finley struggled to reach the guns that fire the balls. Whilst he is small for his age ( he will be 4 in August) I do think this maybe needs to be addressed so that next time he could enjoy it without my husband having to lift him to do it. It is such a minor thing though.

Overall we had a fantastic day. Our 3 year old most definitely made the most of his time there & I think that is the best way to judge of all. I doubt we will return this year but it is most surely on the list for next!! So see you 2015 Cbeebies.

A little collage of our day :-) 

Many thanks for reading
Amanda x

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

100 Day Make-Up Spending Ban - The Finale

I did it! I did it! That was the longest 100 days of my life, I really have to tell you. Whilst it is not a proper real life nightmare case , I am NEVER DOING IT AGAIN!!! ON a day to day basis it was quite easy I guess BUT that was trying very hard not too look at ANYTHING that came in emails/ magazines etc. The amount of sales etc that have happened in this time have been so hard to ignore. As for going INTO shops that was the worst thing but at least I could avoid that as much as poss as my own town is crap for make-up anyway. However, my recent trip to Brighton with my friend was a bit hard as we had to walk past the beauty counters in Debenhams to get to the sections were looking for. This involved me putting my hands either side of my face so as to avoid eye contact with the counter ladies. I probably looked very silly but this meant my ban was still safe with just 1 week to go!!

See HERE for the beginning!

Over 100 days I only bought the eye cream. Plus Rob bought me some perfume in Brighton the other week. I don't class this as cheating though as...

1 Rob paid for it
2 It is the Bronze Goddess one by Estee Lauder. Which is limited edition for summer every year & as mine was nearly gone I wanted some before they sold out!!

So, 100 days & there is a big dent in my stash so I guess I better go do some shopping then :-)!!!

Have you done a ban of your own? How long was yours for? How did you get on?

Thanks for reading
Amanda x

Friday, 16 May 2014

New Blog

Good Morning My Lovelies

Just to let you know I have created a new blog "What Maddie Wore". There I shall mainly posts of the What I Wore Today variety as well as other things fashioned related. I do have a few posts coming up on here related to clothing so I shall leave those here as I have no desire to move them!

This blog is still going to be here just filled up with every other interest in my life. 

I hope you join me in my new place.

Thanks Amanda xx

Outfit Of The Day || 14/05/14

 OOTD for Wednesday 14th May 2014

I ditched the blazer very quickly because it was a super hot day! I was busy running round doing the usual Mummy errands as well as buying accessories for the change of colour scheme in our bathroom & drinking my free coffee in Waitrose.

White Top & Blazer are both from New Look, the jeans from Zara & as always , the Skechers shoes because they are so comfy for running around in.

Thanks for reading. See you soon

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Outfit Of The Day || 13/05/14

Morning all,

I am usually to scared to wear yellow clothing. With white clothes it is that fear of sticky hands & spilled coffee but yellow I always think only suits certain people. Anyway after looking at many photos on  Avenue 57 & seeing the array of yellow in others wardrobes I bit the bullet & bought myself a yellow top. I must say I was pleasantly surprised & love it! It will be nice to have something other than blue in my clothing stash!

The top is from Next. They do different colours , patterns , non patterns too if yellow is not your bag at all. Jeans & Cardy both H&M whilst the shoes are also from Next but a few seasons old now.

Thank you for reading

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Brand Focus || Pull & Bear

Morning Troops

Today I have decided to do my brand focus on Pull & Bear. Having visited the Brighton store recently I was totally hooked on the clothing they have.
You can see the trousers I bought in my Brighton Haul post.

Here though I am sharing with you some other things that I like the look of.

Floral Print Shirt £19.99

Striped Jacquard Dress £19.99

Printed Denim Jacket £29.99

Polka Dot Dungarees £25.99

Relief Knit Jersey £22.99

Leopard Print Espadrilles £19.99

Basic Shirt With Pockets £15.99

High Heel Hide Cowboy Ankle Boots £59.99

Shopper Bag With USA Flag £9.99

Basic Fake Leather Jacket - £25.99

Have you shopped at Pull & Bear before. What are your favourite items?

Thank you for reading my blog post. See you again soon

Sunday, 11 May 2014

What I Wore This Week || Up To 10/05/14

Morning all, 

Here is this weeks outfits!

Sunday was a busy day of cleaning ( again,) more shopping ( food - boo!) party dropping off & hospital visiting.
Blue Top | Not on website - BHS
Vest Top - Primark
Pink Top | Not on website - H&M
Jeans (last year purchase. This colour not on website)- M&S.
Shoes (old) - Rocket Dog
Monday brought more cleaning ( bank holiday meaning nothing there then,) cake baking ( Victoria sponge topped with butter cream & strawberries & a visit from my parents.
Top - Joules
Jeggings & Cardy (old) - H&M
Shoes (old) - Next 

Haircut & colour was the order of the day for Tuesday. I had it done ombre style ( photo taken before I went!)
Top - Banana Republic
Jeans - H&M

Wednesday was an errands kind of day.

Top - Next
Vest - Primark
Jeggings & Cardy (old)  - H&M
shoes ( old) - Next

There is nothing for Thursday as I hated what I wore. I was obviously just not inspired that day!!!

Friday is the one day Fin does not have pre-school so he stayed in his pyjamas & I totally went for chillaxing ( I won't use that word ever again I promise!)

Top - South
Trousers - Pull & Bear

Saturday was so dreary!! Its May for goodness sake!

Embroidered Folk Top - Next
Jeans - H&M

And... that's a wrap for this week folks. 

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Joe Browns || My Order

Morning My Lovelies

My order arrived at the weekend from Joe Brown's & this excited me very much. With the Brighton haulage of that day too I had a mammoth trying on session. 

Gorgeous Garden Party Dress - This was my total favourite I saw from that 1st sighting in the booklet I got. I still adore it. I do not do it the justice of the model of course. The flow of the skirt is amazing. It is longer on me of course because I am so short , as we all know. However, I don't mind this as I think I a bit old for belt like skirts!

Pura Vida Dress - Firstly, sorry for the state of my hair/face. I was about clothes trying on tired out by this point. This very nearly went back. It is a pretty dress but does not look as nice in the flesh as on the website. I also think I could have sized down. However, thinking again  with a bit of tweaking I actually quite like it.

Fabulous Floral Wedge - These are as lovely in real life as the website. Excuse my horrid feet shot in the 2nd photo but my poor feet were tired out after a day in Brighton. I am debating putting these away to save for the holiday.

Thank you for reading
See you again soon 

Friday, 9 May 2014

Wilkinson Ditsy Duvet Set || Birds

Morning all,

I have been looking out lately to change our bedding. Not the colour scheme as I very much love our teal inspired room but the bedding we have , whilst still OK was making me feel a bit bored. I did buy a nice set from Next a while ago but was not looking to spend quite as much for a 2nd set.

I wondered into the bedroom section of my local Wilkinson store & was pleasantly surprised. Not only did they have some lovely sets but I found this perfect set at just £18 for a king size duvet cover (£14 for single, double is £16) plus 2 matching pillow cases.   

It has my favourites colours in ( blue/ green) & I think the birds are so-o cute. There is the silhouette pattern on the reverse too if I wanted a change so you almost get 2 covers from the price of 1. Bargain. There is also a matching cushion which may end up having a home with me too.

Do check Wilkos out if you are looking for bedding because I think you could not go wrong by trying them out.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Beauty Product Empties #9

More empty products for you today. I have no idea why us beauty fans like to look at other peoples trash like this , but it is seriously great fun! haha! I didn't think I had used as much up as been mixing up a lot of late so didn't think I was getting through very much. How wrong I was!

Now you must know me by now! The Dove deodorant( this time in Pomegranate & lemon gerbera scent) and Batiste dry shampoo ( usually in tropical) are ALWAYS In my empties. I long time fan of both & that will continue for the time being.
This shower gel from I Love Cosmetics ( in mango & papaya) seemed to last me forever. In the beginning I loved it as these are my favourite kind of scents & it washed me well. I even featured it in a favourites. Over time though I grew so bored with it & was actually very pleased to finish it. 

This Clarins Eau De Jardins Uplifting Shower Gel is a 10ml sample I received after an order I placed online. I did choose it myself as I am always keen to try new scents etc. Wasn't for me though at all. I felt it was quite a masculine scent & did not do anything for me all.

Nspa body butter in Mango was quite a pleasant surprise. Bought for me for Xmas along with the Raspberry one by hubby from Asda , I was not sure how good they would be. It is lovely. Not a strong fragrance but it does last a while on the skin. I don't think it would be good for anyone who has to be out quick in the mornings because it takes a few mins longer than my almost instant dry Body Shop ones but overall I am impressed. I have only just started the raspberry one & as I am using 3/4 different brands it will be a while before I use it up. I did spot they do a Pink Grapefruit one too , which I have an obsession with so think I may have to cheekily buy that on a next Asda trip even though I have body creams coming out my ears!

Now this... this I just love. I would love for Clarins to create this scent from the One Step Cleanser ( Orange Extract) into a room refresher or better still a car air freshener. It is divine. A fantastic one step cleanser & the scent stays with me all night long ( I only use of an evening.) I do have another bottle ready to go but I am saving it & using up my No7 Cleansing water instead.

This was another surprise for me. The whole beauty world seems to be obsessed with the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm & usually this can be a clue to me that it is probably a bit over hyped. So I treated myself to a little gift set from Feel Unique which included a 15ml jar. Well in the beginning I couldn't see what the fuss was about. It was scary to start as I was convinced I would have a horrid greasy face. Thankfully despite my reservations it was perfectly fine .I was only using in the morning ( the smell of Moringa is lovely though so this was the only plus at that point) until one evening I was feeling a bit lazy & took my whole make-up off ( eyes included ) & I am now hooked! Removed it to the point where there was hardly a trace left on my skin & made my skin feel totally amazing. I am gutted it is used up but will have to wait to buy the full version as I am currently using the Clinique "Take The Day Off" cleansing balm instead (jury out still) & plus the hefty  price tag ( a whopping £36 ) make it a not so quick repurchase.

I am not enamored with the No7 Toner at all really. I bought it last year in one of their 3 for 2 plus £5 off voucher deals. Really I love my Clinique Clarifying Lotion (2) but this was the cheaper option at the time. I think I still have 2 more bottles so not sure if I will use them or sell them on yet. I'll think on it.

This Clarifying Lotion from Clinique came in a goodie bag. It is the wrong one for me though so unfair to say any thing bad as it was just not for my skin type at all ( number 1 if for very dry to dry.)

Another present in my stocking from hubby. I would probably not have purchased the Simple "Kind To Eyes" eye make-up remover myself otherwise. However , it does a nice job. Nice & gentle & gets off even the hardest to remove mascara quite well. With a price tag of £3.25 I would happily buy it again when the need arises. 

This you have seen in an empties not that long ago. I cannot believe I have used up a 2nd pot so quickly. Clarins Extra-Firming Neck Cream is amazing. I always say it has that classic Clarins scent ( which they should bottle again I reckon.)  I think it did make a difference to my neck & decollete area. I won't be buying it any when soon though so if you know of cheaper alternatives let me know in the comments. 

I bought the Clarins Eye Contour Balm in error, meaning to buy the Eye Contour GEL. Easy mistake with a brain like mine! I can't say the balm did much. I did cut it open to use every last drop as being mid ban at the time I needed to keep it as long as I could. I did not notice it doing anything different to cheaper eye creams anyway. So another non re-purchase there.

I bought the Body Shop eau de toilette in Moringa as an alternative to a body spray & to refrain from using too much perfume. It was OK. It certainly didn't hold the scent like the body mist I used. I would not buy this again.

Bath & Body Works have been on my to try list for ages. I have used a couple of shower gels ( hits with me ) & I decided to give the anti-bac gel a try too. Mine is in Caribbean Escape. It's OK. Whilst the gel does a good enough job of sinking in & doing that job OK, I found the alcohol content ( 68%) just totally over powered the scent & so I was having to wash my hands anyway. I do have another one called "Tuscan Vineyard" I am using which thankfully does NOT have the same overpowering scent. I won't bother buying them again. They were just to try & the price of them is not worth it.

last in this post we have the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara. Pretty much dried out but pretty much empty too so in the bin it goes. I did love it but have no plans to buy it again at this point.

So, well done if you made it to the end of this post. Leave links to your product empties posts/ you tube vids.